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Scott Fish Bowl 9

It's time to draft!

I hope my tools helped you out... LFG!

Scott Fish Bowl 9 Tools

Are you one of the lucky few?  Just following along?  Check out my collection of tools and be the shark in the fish tank!

.5 PPR vs #SFB9 Scoring

2018 top 50 scorers overlaid with SFB9 Scoring

Bonus Points!

2018 top #SFB9 Bonus point scorers


#SFB8 vs #SFB9(Bonus) Scoring

2018 top 50 Scorers w/ SFB9 Bonus pts. 

#SFB8 vs #SFB9 Positional Drill Down

View the effects of #SFB9 Bonus scoring on individual positions.

Automated Draft Tool optimized for #SFB9.  Allows you to do ranking and then builds a custom cheat sheet that crosses players off as they are drafted.  Includes #SFB9 Mock ADP (compiled by @KentWeyrauch).  

#SFB9 Mock Draft ADP

ADP Compiled by @KentWeyrauch

Compare basic .5PPR scoring to #SFB9 scoring.  

This is a list of the top 50 .5PPR players in 2018, the gold bars are additional points they would have from the #SFB9 scoring settings.  

2018 High Scorers with SFB8 vs SFB9(Bonus) Scoring

2018 top scorers ordered by #SFB9 Bonus points.  

Explore the effect #SFB9 bonus scoring has on each position.  The donut chart shows the average bonus among top 100 point scorers.


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ISO... Data!

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